Creating Radio Buttons Using Swing

Creating Radio Buttons Using Swing

Radio buttons behave in the same mutually exclusive way in Swing and the AWT. However, the way that you create a set of radio buttons differs significantly between Swing and the AWT. To create a set of radio buttons in Swing, you must instantiate the buttons, instantiate a ButtonGroup object, and add the buttons to the ButtonGroup object. With the AWT, you must create a group object and pass it to the constructor for the buttons when they are instantiated. This code was tested using JDK1.1.6 and Swing 1.0.3 under Win95.

 import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;import java.util.*;import*;//=======================================================//public class SwingRadioButton01 extends JFrame{	public static void main(String[] args){		new SwingRadioButton01();	}//end main	SwingRadioButton01(){//constructor		//Create three radio buttons   		JRadioButton aButton = new JRadioButton("A",true);		JRadioButton bButton = new JRadioButton("B");		JRadioButton cButton = new JRadioButton("C");		//Create a ButtonGroup object, add buttons to the group		ButtonGroup myButtonGroup = new ButtonGroup();		myButtonGroup.add(aButton);		myButtonGroup.add(bButton);		myButtonGroup.add(cButton);		//Display radio buttons		getContentPane().setLayout(new FlowLayout());		getContentPane().add(aButton);		getContentPane().add(bButton);		getContentPane().add(cButton);		setSize(250,100);		setTitle("Swing Radio Buttons");		setVisible(true);    		// Inner class to terminate program.		addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter() {			public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {				System.exit(0);}});//end WindowListener	}//end constructor}//end class SwingRadioButton01 definition


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