Move the Cursor to the Center

Move the Cursor to the Center

Use this simple subroutine to move the mouse/cursor to the center of an object. It’s useful for tab-like functions and default settings:

 Private Declare Function SetCursorPos& Lib _	"user32" (ByVal x As Long, ByVal _	y As Long)Private Declare Function GetWindowRect& Lib _	"user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, lpRect _	As Rect)Private Type Rect	left As Long	top As Long	right As Long	bottom As LongEnd TypePublic Sub SetMouseFocus(ByVal Obj As Object)	Dim Rect As Rect	'Get the bounding rectangle for window	GetWindowRect Obj.hwnd, Rect	'Set the cursor position to the center of the object	SetCursorPos Rect.right - ((Rect.right - Rect.left) _		/ 2), Rect.bottom - _		((Rect.bottom - / 2)End Sub

Here’s an example:

 Private Sub cmdQuit_Click()	' Move Cursor to command button	' "cmdAreYouSure"	SetMouseFocus cmdAreYouSureEnd Sub


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