Load a Grid from a SQL Statement

Load a Grid from a SQL Statement

Use this code for a generic routine to load a grid from a SQL statement. The example is for Remote Data Objects (RDO) and Sheridan Software Systems’ grid, but it works with minor modification for any grid and resultset type. Also, you can load combo boxes in a similar fashion:

 Public Sub LoadGridFromSQL(TargetGrid As SSDBGrid, rdoConn _	As rdoConnection, Sql As String, Optional ClearGrid As _	Boolean = True)	Dim J As Integer	Dim rsResult As rdoResultset	Dim sAddItem As String	If ClearGrid Then		TargetGrid.RemoveAll	End If	TargetGrid.Redraw = False	Set rsResult = rdoConn.OpenResultset(Sql, _		rdOpenForwardOnly, rdConcurReadOnly, rdExecDirect)	With rsResult		Do Until .EOF			'Build add item string			sAddItem = vbNullString			For J = 1 To .rdoColumns.Count				If IsNull(.rdoColumns.Item(J - 1)) Then					sAddItem = sAddItem & vbNullString & vbTab				Else					sAddItem = sAddItem & _						.rdoColumns.Item(J - 1) & vbTab				End If			Next J			'Remove extra tab from end			TargetGrid.AddItem Left$(sAddItem, _				Len(sAddItem) - 1)			.MoveNext		Loop		.Close	End With 'rsResult	TargetGrid.Redraw = True	Set rsResult = NothingEnd Sub


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