July 16, 1999

Load a Grid from a SQL Statement

Use this code for a generic routine to load a grid from a SQL statement. The example is for Remote Data Objects (RDO) and Sheridan Software Systems’ grid, but it

Invisible Control Placement on MDIForm Client Area

With VB4 or higher, you can place invisible controls-such as the standard Timer and CommonDialog or UserControls built with VB5 that have their InvisibleAtRuntime property set-directly on an MDIForm. In

A Better Use for StrConv

When using proper names, you sometimes need to capitalize the first letter of each word. For example, you need to convert “john smith” into “John Smith.” With VB3, you had

Other tools besides BCP

Question: I’m looking for other tools for importing ASCII files to SQL server 7.0 without problems. At this moment I’m missing data and the tools can’t take care of it

SQL stored procedures from VB6

Question: We are always getting “stored procedure not found” error messages. We know it is on the server and we can access the db. Any clues? Answer: Well, if you

Condensing rows

Question: I’ve got a table structure that looks like the following:Customer TableCUST_IDNAMECODE_LISTCode TableCUST_IDCODE The code table can have any number of codes for each customer. I’m trying to find a

How to read data file into SQL tables

Question: I’m curious to know, if I have a file full of data separated by commas, how do I read stuff from that file into SQL tables? Answer: The fastest

Deleting Tables

Question: Is there a SQL statement for deleting tables like there is for deleting data from tables? Something like:DELETE TABLE NAME or DROP TABLE NAME Answer: Yes indeed, Drop table