Use the Object Library Name When Dimming Object Variables

I always put the word DAO in front of all references to DAO objects. Here are some examples:

 Dim Db  As DAO.DataBaseDim rs  As DAO.Recordset

This way, VBA knows what library to look in for the definition of DBEngine (the top object). If you don’t do this, VBA surfs the references collections to find it. You can also use the word VBA in front of functions (Left$, Mid$, MsgBox, and so on) and write the subroutine or function like this:

 Public Sub MsgBox ()VBA.Msgbox "The new way to use VBA :-)", vbInformation + _	vbOkonly, "VBPJ TechTip Section"End SubPrivate Sub  Form_Load()	'Call the MsgBox Sub 	MsgBoxEnd Sub
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