Automatic Shut Down of Server Processes Running Under MTS

While debugging and running COM components under MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), you may get automation errors, or time outs, or your transaction may abort. This may happen if you have opted for your server process to shut down after certain period of time. Selecting the “Leave running when idle” option will allow your server process to be always available. You can configure this option by selecting your package icon in MTS explorer and clicking on the File | Properties menu, or right clicking on your package icon and selecting Properties. The Advanced tab in this dialog window determines whether the server process associated with a package always runs, or whether it shuts down after a certain period of time. If you want the package to shut down automatically after a certain period of inactivity, you can select “Shut down after being idle for ” to set when the server process should be shut down. If you want the server process always to be available, you should select the “Leave running when idle” option. You can use the Shut Down Server Processes command from the Tools menu to shut down all server processes running on the selected computer.

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