Using Recordset::GetString()

Using Recordset::GetString()

You can use GetString() method of ADODB.Recordset object if you want to dumpthe complete table in an active server page. GetString() method returns thecomplete recordset as a string. You can specify the number of rows in therecordset to return. All rows will be returned if this parameter is notspecified, or if it is greater than the number of rows in the recordset. Youcan also specify the delimiters to use between various columns and the rows.You can use this method to build an HTML table in an asp page. To build anHTML table using this method you need to specify the combination of “” and “” tags in column and row delimiters.

Here is the sample VBScript code from an active server page which can beused to build an HTML table.

 <% Dim oConnection ' Connection Object Dim oRecordset ' Recordset Object ' Create connection and recordset object Set oConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Set oRecordset  = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") ' Open the connection object oConnection.Open "DSN=Sample","sa","" ' Open the recordset object oRecordset.Open "MyTable", oConnection,,,adCmdTable ' Write the complete table using GetString() method Response.Write "
" Response.Write oRecordset.GetString(,,"", "
") Response.Write "


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