Count Substrings

Count Substrings

This little routine demonstrates how easily you can determine the number of substrings within a string, given any specified separator character(s). Pass the string to be parsed, and the separator, which might be multiple characters long, and DCount returns the number of substrings:

 Public Function DCount(ByVal vData As String, _	SP As String) As Integer	Dim x As Integer	Dim n As Integer	If vData = "" Or SP = "" Then Exit Function	vData = Trim(vData)	n = 1	DCount = 1	Do		x = InStr(n, vData, SP, vbTextCompare)		If x > 1 And x 	cnt=3cnt = DCount(s ,"/")	->	cnt=2cnt = DCount(s ,"0")	->	cnt=7


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