A Better Way to Retrieve Row and Column Data

Instead of creating a GridControl to retrieve row and column data from a table into a hash table, use a variant, as shown:

 variant = new Variant();for (row2get=0;     row2get < queryDataSet1.getColumnCount();     row2get++) {  for (column2get=0;       column2get < queryDataSet1.getColumnCount();       column2get++) {         queryDataSet1.getVariant(int row2get,            int column2get,variant);         String bean = (String)variant;         HashTable.put("columnName",            new String(bean));    }}

You can now cast the data from the variant object to the appropriate type to retrieve the information. This is particularly handy when serializing an object created from a database, since you can ask for the data by column name. You can also use "tiered hash tables" to capture master-detail relationships.

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