Order By Column Not Row with rs.Getrows

Order By Column Not Row with rs.Getrows

This ASP script will enable you to order your database by columns instead of the default by rows, which is not easy on the eye. Due to the way HTML tables are written in code, you can only return the results in this order.

Here we set the recordset to an array with a 3-column table, ordered by column. This is useful for displaying well ordered, easy-to-view results.

 <%' ##### Create Array Of The Recordsetrcount = rs.RecordCountDim myarray()pos = 0increment = 0rcount = cint(rcount)startpos = 0balance = 0pos = 0dcount = rcount / 3if rcount mod 3 <> 0 then dcount=int(dcount)+1ReDim myarray(dcount,3,4)For i = 1 To rcountif i<= dcount thenmyarray(i,1,1) = rs.FIELDS(2).VALUEmyarray(i,1,2) = rs(

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