Extract the ID3 Tag From an MP3 File

Extract the ID3 Tag From an MP3 File

Here is a function for extracting the ID3 tag from a MP3 file. Add the following lines of code into a Module:

 Public Type ID3Data    Tag As String * 3    Title As String * 30    Artist As String * 30    Album As String * 30    Year As String * 4    Notes As String * 30    Genre As String * 1End TypePublic Function ExtractID3(FileName As String) As ID3DataOn Error GoTo ExtractID3_ErrDim udtID3 As ID3DataDim intFileNo As Integer        intFileNo = FreeFile()    Open FileName For Binary As #intFileNo        Get #intFileNo, LOF(intFileNo) - 127, udtID3        If udtID3.Tag =


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