Rollback Transactions

Rollback Transactions

One of the many functional methods of rolling back transaction(s) in a VB application is as follows:
1) In the procedure containing the Begintrans/CommitTrans methods, declare a Boolean Procedural variable (Flag) in the procedure containing the Begintrans/CommitTrans methods.
2) Declare the On Error statement at the beginning of the procedure
3) Create a generic On Error routine
4) Immediately after the BeginTrans call, set the Flag to true
5) Immediately after the CommitTrans call, set the flag to false
6) Check the status of the flag in the Error Routine and call RollbackTrans if it’s set to true
Here’s a code sample:

 Private Sub RollbackTransTest(pCn as ADODB.Connection)     Dim bIncompleteTrans As Boolean     On Error GoTo Routine_Error     bIncompleteTrans = False     '     '     '     pCn.BeginTrans     bIncompleteTrans = True          '    Create/Update/Delete data          '    Create/Update/Delete data          '    etc.     pCn.CommitTrans     bIncompleteTrans = False     '     '     'Routine_Exit:     Exit SubRoutine_Error:     If bIncompleteTrans = True Then pCn.RollbackTrans     Err.Raise Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.DescriptionEnd Sub



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