Check if a Given String Is a Palindrome

Check if a Given String Is a Palindrome

This code checks if a given string is a palindrome.

 Public Function IsPalindrome(strToCheck As String) As BooleanDim iForward As IntegerDim iBack As IntegerDim iMid As IntegerDim bPalindrome As BooleanIsPalindrome = FalsebPalindrome = TrueOn Error GoTo ERR_IsPalindrome     iBack = Len(strToCheck)    iMid = iBack / 2    iForward = 1     If (iBack  iBack And iForward  Mid(strToCheck, iBack, 1)) Then          bPalindrome = False          Exit Do       End If       iBack = iBack - 1       iForward = iForward + 1    Loop     IsPalindrome = bPalindrome    Exit Function  ERR_IsPalindrome:     Debug.Print "Error: " & Err.Description  End Function


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