Create a VB Error Message Reference List

Create a VB Error Message Reference List

Have you ever wanted to have a hard copy listing all the VB error messages? Create a new standard EXE VB application and drop this code into the Load event of the main form:

 Private Sub Form_Load()Dim i As IntegerFor i = 0 To 32000'Use this test in VB3:'If Error$(i)  _"User-defined error" Then'Use this test in VB4 and later:If Error$(i)  "Application-defined " _& "or object-defined error" ThenPrinter.Print i, Error$(i)End IfNext iEnd Sub

This program prints all defined error descriptions. All undefined error descriptions return “Application-defined” or “object-defined error” (or “User-defined error” in VB3), so you check for these and ignore them.


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