Contain Tab Groupings Within a Frame

The best way to work with the tab control is to set up a different frame for each tab. If you set the frames to be indexed, you can quickly move and make the correct frame visible with this code:

 ' Move and resize the frames to the tabstrip' control and make the first one visible.' This should be called in the Form_Load event.For i = 0 To fraTab.Count - 1fraTab(i).Move TabStrip1.ClientLeft, _TabStrip1.ClientTop, TabStrip1. _ClientWidth, TabStrip1.ClientHeightfraTab(i).Visible = (i = 0)Next i' To make the correct frame visible use the value' SelectedItem.Index -1 as the index for the Frames.' Put this code in the TabStrip1_Click event.For i = 0 To fraTab.Count - 1fraTab(i).Visible = (i = _(TabStrip1.SelectedItem.Index - 1))Next i

This approach works with any number of tabs on the TabStrip control.

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