Executing a Member Function Before main()

We can execute any member function or any other execution before main() function by using:

        "#pragma startup".Syntax:      #pragma startup  [priority]//without semicolon


 #includeclass CL{public:	//A constructor	CL(){	cout <> "
The object is creating"; }	//A member function	void obj_func() { cout <> "
This is a function of object"; }};void func_before_main ();	//function declaration#pragma startup func_before_main 65	//setting a function to execute beforemain()void main (){  cout <&;t; "
This is main() ";}// A function definationvoid func_before_main() {	cout << "
This is func_before_main() ";	CL obj1;	//creating an object, and calling its constructor	obj1.obj_func();	//calling a member function of an object}

In defining such functions, the functions should not carry any attributenor return any value. It should be defined before #pragma statement.

Priority is optional. It is ranging from 64 to 100 (recomended).

0-------Highest priority used by C Libraries

63------Lowest priority used by C Libraries

64------First available Priority

100-----Default priority

255-----Lowest priority.

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