Upload Files to Active Server Pages

This tip works with ASP/IIS 4.0 and up. Many companies sell ActiveX objects for uploading files to Active Server Pages. However, you can easily write a bit of VBScript to handle the uploads yourself. The Request object has all the uploaded data:


<% ' This code is needed to "initialize" the ' retrieved data Dim q q = Chr(34) ' All data Dim aAllDataB, aAllData, x, aHdr aAllDataB = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes) ' It comes in as unicode, so convert it to ascii For x = 1 To LenB(aAllDataB) aAllData = aAllData & Chr(AscB(MidB( _ aAllDataB, x, 1))) Next ' The "header" is a unique string generated by the ' system to indicate the beginning ' and end of file data aHdr = Left(aAllData, Instr(aAllData,vbCrLf)+1)%><% ' Here's where your code goes. ' In this example, "file1" and "file2" are the ' field names specified within the form of the ' upload submission page. Response.Write "file1: Filename = " & _ GetFilename("file1") & "
" Response.Write GetFileData("file1") _& "

" Response.Write "file2: Filename = " & _ GetFilename("file2") & "
" Response.Write GetFileData("file2") _& "

" ' Writing out the file data like this only looks ' OK when the uploaded file is some kind of text '

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