Testing the Output Values of a Stored Procedure

This tip is useful when debugging and testing complex stored procedures that have a lot of business logic. It helps to find out exactly what is being returned from a stored procedure.

Assume you have a stored procedure:

 /****** Object:  Stored Procedure dbo.sp_DeleteBasketComponents   ScriptDate: 30/11/2000 10:40:23 AM ******/CREATE PROCEDURE sp_test(@m_BasketCode varchar(64),@m_Dateout DateTime OUTPUT )AS--... Do something-- Assign value to m_dateout for testingSelect @m_Dateout = "26-Apr-2002"GO

Now, have SQL Query Analyzer perform the following:

 Delcare @d Datetimeexec sp_test "FTSE",@d OUTPUTSelect @d

Select all 3 SQL statements and execute. The correct value is displayed.

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