Manipulate Complex Numbers

Manipulate Complex Numbers

The following demonstrates how to manipulate complex numbers:

class Complex{        double real;        double imag;        Complex()        {        }        Complex(double real,double imag)        {            this.real=real;            this.imag=imag;        }        void addComplexNos(Complex comp1,Complex comp2)        {               this.real=comp1.real+comp2.real;               this.imag=comp1.imag+comp2.imag;        }        void subtractComplexNos(Complex comp1,Complex comp2)        {               this.real=comp1.real-comp2.real;               this.imag=comp1.imag-comp2.imag;        }        void multiplyComplexNos(Complex comp1,Complex comp2)        {              this.real=(comp1.real*comp2.real)-(comp1.imag*comp2.imag);              this.imag=(comp1.real*comp2.imag)+(comp2.real*comp1.imag);        }        void divideComplexNos(Complex comp1,Complex comp2)        {               this.real=comp1.real/comp2.real;               this.imag=comp1.imag/comp2.imag;        }        void displayNos()        {        System.out.println(real +"+"+imag+"i");        }}public class ComplexOpr{public static void main(String args[]){         Complex cno1=new Complex(2,2);         Complex cno2=new Complex(3,4);         Complex result=new Complex();         System.out.print("First Complex No            = ");         cno1.displayNos();         System.out.print("Second Complex No           =");         cno2.displayNos();         result.addComplexNos(cno1,cno2);         System.out.print("Addition of Complex Nos     = ");         result.displayNos();         result.subtractComplexNos(cno1,cno2);         System.out.print("Subtraction of Complex Nos  = ");         result.displayNos();         result.multiplyComplexNos(cno1,cno2);         System.out.print("Product of Complex Nos      = ");         result.displayNos();         result.divideComplexNos(cno1,cno2);         System.out.print("Division of Complex Nos     = ");         result.displayNos();      }}
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