Tricks with LCase and UCase

There are a few tricks that you can do with LCase$ and UCase$ functions. I doubt you will be using this tip in all your applications, but here they are for when you’ll need them.

Say you wish to check that a string (or a portion of it) does NOT include any alphabetical characters: instead of setting up a loop that tests each individual character, try this one:

If UCase$(text) = LCase$(text) Then Print "No A-Z chars here!"

Using similar methods you can understand if all the characters in a string are uppercase or lowercase:

If UCase$(text) = LCase$(text) Then     Print "No A-Z chars here!"ElseIf text = UCase$(text) Then    Print "No lowercase characters"ElseIf text = LCase$(text) Then    Print "No uppercase characters"Else    Print "Both uppercase and lowercase characters"End If

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