June 12, 1999

MakeFileName – Create a file name out of its parts

‘ Make a complete file name by assemblying its individual parts’ if Extension isn’t omitted, it overwrites any extension held in BaseNameFunction MakeFileName(Drive As String, Path As String, BaseName As

Compound member attributes

The Procedure Attributes dialog includes a Procedure ID combo box, that lets you associate a particular ID to a given member of the class. You usually use this combo to

Always ensure that a printer is installed

Many developers incorrectly assume that a printer is always installed on their customers’ machines, and therefore omit to check that this is actually the case. The following function, deceiptively trivial,

Retrieving Bitmap properties

The Picture box control does not directly expose any property that returns information on the bitmap currently loaded. You can retrieve this information by calling the GetObject API function, passing

Tricks with LCase and UCase

There are a few tricks that you can do with LCase$ and UCase$ functions. I doubt you will be using this tip in all your applications, but here they are