GetFilebaseName – Retrieve the base portion in a file name

GetFilebaseName – Retrieve the base portion in a file name

' Retrieve a file's base name' if the second argument is true, the result include the file's pathFunction GetFileBaseName(FileName As String, Optional ByVal IncludePath As _    Boolean) As String    Dim i As Long, startPos As Long, endPos As Long        startPos = 1        For i = Len(FileName) To 1 Step -1        Select Case Mid$(FileName, i, 1)            Case "."                ' we've found the extension                If IncludePath Then                    ' if we must return the path, we've done                    GetFileBaseName = Left$(FileName, i - 1)                    Exit Function                End If                ' else, just take note of where the extension begins                If endPos = 0 Then endPos = i - 1            Case ":", ""                If Not IncludePath Then startPos = i + 1                Exit For        End Select    Next        If endPos = 0 Then        ' this file has no extension        GetFileBaseName = Mid$(FileName, startPos)    Else        GetFileBaseName = Mid$(FileName, startPos, endPos - startPos + 1)    End IfEnd Function

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