June 12, 1999

Dragging caption-less forms

The standard way to move a captionless form is to execute some tricky code from within the MouseDown event procedure. More advanced VB developers can reach the same result by

MakeFileName – Create a file name out of its parts

‘ Make a complete file name by assemblying its individual parts’ if Extension isn’t omitted, it overwrites any extension held in BaseNameFunction MakeFileName(Drive As String, Path As String, BaseName As

Retrieve the currency symbol

It is very simple to retrieve the correct currency symbol, using just plain VBA statements: currSymbol = Trim$(Replace(FormatCurrency(0,0), “0”, “”)) If you can also determine if the symbol precedes or

Prevent IE5 AutoComplete on Your Forms

One of Internet Explorer 5.0’s new features is AutoComplete. If turned on by the user (it’s off by default) it helps users fill in the frequently used fields–like username, first

Duplicates in a Swing ComboBox

Swing’s JComboBox can be used to present a drop-down list, perhaps of status reports from a process, requiring minimal screen space until the user wishes to see the details. But

Determine Transaction Isolation Levels

When architecting a client-server or n-tier application, you should decide on a particular locking technique and accordingly the transaction isolation level and concurrency control strategy for database transactions. This decision

Don’t Forget That Mouse Pointer

If you turn the mouse pointer into an hourglass (and back to normal) in a routine with error handling, don’t forget to turn the mouse pointer back to normal in