Always ensure that a printer is installed

Always ensure that a printer is installed

Many developers incorrectly assume that a printer is always installed on their customers’ machines, and therefore omit to check that this is actually the case. The following function, deceiptively trivial, returns False and displays an error message if no printer has been installed:

Function PrinterIsInstalled() As Boolean    Dim dummy As String    On Error Resume Next    dummy = Printer.DeviceName        If Err.Number Then        MsgBox "No default printer installed." & vbCrLf & _            "To install and select a default printer, select the " & _            "Setting / Printers command in the Start menu, and then " & _            "double-click on the Add Printer icon.", vbExclamation, _            "Printer Error"        PrinterIsInstalled = False    Else        PrinterIsInstalled = True    End IfEnd Function

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