Retrieve CPU information the simple way (NT/2000 only)

Retrieve CPU information the simple way (NT/2000 only)

The Windows API includes all the functions you need to retrieve and display information about the CPU the machine is equipped with. However, if you’re running under Windows NT or Windows 2000, you don’t need to make complicated API calls, because this information is already available in several environment variables, and you just need to extract it with the Environ$ function:

' this code works only under Windows NT and 2000Debug.Print "Number of CPUs: " & Environ$("NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS")Debug.Print "Processor Architecture: " & Environ$("PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE")Debug.Print "Processor Identifier: " & Environ$("PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER")Debug.Print "Processor Level: " & Environ$("PROCESSOR_LEVEL")Debug.Print "Processor Revision: " & Environ$("PROCESSOR_REVISION")


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