Creating help string for Enum constants

Creating help string for Enum constants

I’ve been trying to find a way to assign helpstrings for Enums in Visual Basic. The Class builder utility does that only for methods, events, and properties, but not for Enums.

The IDL source code that corresponds to an Enum in a type library looks something like follws, and you can run the MIDL compiler on this IDL to make a typelib that include help strings for Enums and thus has a more professional look.

typedef [uuid(742F2A4D-8B13-4DF0-905E-91D03769A49C), version(1.0),helpstring("Enums for ASPMtnSms")]    enum {           [helpstring("Auto login")] 

Run the following command to generate aspmtnsms.tlb

MIDL aspmtnsms.dll /mktyplib203 

Unfortunately, there is no way - or at least I can't devise it - to incorporate this into a VB component (dll) instead of a stand-alone type library.


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