Silent install with VB6 Deployment and Packaging Wizard

Silent install with VB6 Deployment and Packaging Wizard

VB6 Deployment and Packaging Wizard’s resulting setup.exe has a commandline switch that allows for a silent install. This feature is virtuallyundocumented except in the source code for Setup1.exe. The default path forthe project file of Setup1 is:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98WizardsPDWizardSetup1Setup1.vbp

To do a silent install, the following syntax is required:

setup.exe /s c:anylogfilename.log

The filename that follows the /s parameter must include the full path name.

The silent install is only interupted (that I could see) when the installencounters the “Setup is attempting to copy a file that is older than theone currently…” dialog. This interruption doesn’t occur if the setup contains the latest versions of the files being installed.

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