Retrieve information on all available drives

Retrieve information on all available drives

You can retrieve information about all the available drives using calls to Windows API, if you like the hard way of doing things. A much simpler solution is offered by the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library, that exposes a Drive object that lets you get all those info by querying a property:

' NOTE: this code requires that you add a reference to the'       Microsoft Scripting Runtime type libraryDim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObjectDim drv As Scripting.DriveDim info As StringFor Each drv In fso.Drives    ' display drive name and type    info = "Drive " & drv.DriveLetter & vbCrLf    info = info & "  Type: "    ' we must decode this value    Select Case drv.DriveType        Case Removable: info = info & "Removable" & vbCrLf        Case Fixed: info = info & "Fixed" & vbCrLf        Case CDRom: info = info & "CDRom" & vbCrLf        Case Remote: info = info & "Remote" & vbCrLf        Case RamDisk: info = info & "RamDisk" & vbCrLf        Case Else: info = info & "Unknown" & vbCrLf    End Select    If Not drv.IsReady Then        ' if the drive isn't ready we can't do much more        info = info & "  Not Ready" & vbCrLf    Else        ' retreive all additional info        info = info & "   File System: " & drv.FileSystem & vbCrLf        info = info & "   Label: " & drv.VolumeName & vbCrLf        info = info & "   Serial number: " & drv.SerialNumber & vbCrLf        info = info & "   Total space: " & drv.TotalSize & vbCrLf        info = info & "   Free space: " & drv.FreeSpace & vbCrLf    End If        ' do something with the gathered info    ' (display in a textbox in this case)    Text1.Text = Text1.Text & infoNext


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