PlayWAV – Play a WAV file

PlayWAV – Play a WAV file

Const SND_ASYNC = &H1Private Declare Function PlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "PlaySoundA" (ByVal _    lpszName As String, ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal dwFlags As Long) As Long' Play a WAV file.'' FileName is a string containing the full path of the file.' If SyncExec is True, the sound is played synchronously' Returns True if no errors occurredFunction PlayWAV(FileName As String, Optional SyncExec As Boolean) As Boolean    If SyncExec Then        ' play the file synchronously        PlayWAV = PlaySound(FileName, 0, 0)     Else        ' play the file asynchronously        PlayWAV = PlaySound(FileName, 0, SND_ASYNC)     End IfEnd Function

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