Split – A replacement for VB6’s Split function under VB5

Split – A replacement for VB6’s Split function under VB5

' A replacement for the Split function under VB4 and VB5'' Note that the return value is a Variant that contains' an array of stringsFunction Split(ByVal Text As String, Optional ByVal Delimiter As String = " ", _    Optional ByVal Limit As Long = -1, Optional CompareMethod As _    VbCompareMethod = vbBinaryCompare) As Variant    ReDim res(0 To 100) As String    Dim resCount As Long    Dim length As Long    Dim startIndex As Long    Dim endIndex As Long        length = Len(Text)    startIndex = 1        Do While startIndex <= length And resCount <> Limit        ' get the next delimiter        endIndex = InStr(startIndex, Text, Delimiter, CompareMethod)        If endIndex = 0 Then endIndex = length + 1                ' make room in the array, if necessary        If resCount > UBound(res) Then            ReDim Preserve res(0 To resCount + 99) As String        End If        ' store the new element        res(resCount) = Mid$(Text, startIndex, endIndex - startIndex)        resCount = resCount + 1                startIndex = endIndex + Len(Delimiter)    Loop        ' trim unused values    ReDim Preserve res(0 To resCount - 1) As String    ' return the array inside a Variant    Split = res()End Function

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