BackgroundVerticalGradient – Paint a vertical gradient background

BackgroundVerticalGradient – Paint a vertical gradient background

Private Declare Function RealizePalette Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long) As Long' Paint a vertical gradient'' STARTCOLOR is the starting color (applied to top border)' ENDCOLOR is the ending color (applied to bottom border)' NUMSTEPS is the optional number of stripes (default is 256)'' Example: a vertical gradient from blue to Red'   BackgroundVerticalGradient Form1, &HFF0000, &HFFSub BackgroundVerticalGradient(frm As Form, ByVal startColor As Long, _    ByVal endColor As Long, Optional ByVal numSteps As Integer = 256)    Dim startRed As Integer, startGreen As Integer, startBlue As Integer    Dim deltaRed As Integer, deltaGreen As Integer, deltaBlue As Integer    Dim y As Single, dy As Single    Dim stp As Long        ' Split the start color into its RGB components    startRed = startColor And &HFF    startGreen = (startColor And &HFF00&)  256    startBlue = (startColor And &HFF0000)  65536    ' Split the end color into its RGB components    deltaRed = (endColor And &HFF&) - startRed    deltaGreen = (endColor And &HFF00&)  256 - startGreen    deltaBlue = (endColor And &HFF0000)  65536 - startBlue        RealizePalette frm.hdc        ' Eval width of each block    dy = frm.ScaleHeight / numSteps        For stp = 0 To numSteps - 1        frm.Line (0, y)-(frm.ScaleWidth, y + dy), RGB(startRed + (deltaRed * _            stp)  numSteps, startGreen + (deltaGreen * stp)  numSteps, _            startBlue + (deltaBlue * stp)  numSteps), BF        y = y + dy    NextEnd Sub

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