SplitWithQualifiers – An improved version of the Split function

' A variant of the Split function, that offers the following improvements'   You can pass text qualifier as the third argument and optionally specify'   to treat consecutive occurrences of delimiters as one'   For example, the following source text contains comma inside one of the ' fields, so the'   regular Split function will parse it incorrectly:'   "Bayazitov","Ernest","2500 Data Drive, 100A, Sacramento, CA 95630",,,,10,,2,' ,,'   Also, it has some empty fields, which do not have any values or text ' qualifiers.'   In this case, we need to specify comma as delimiter and double quote ' character As Text'   qualifier, and do not treat consecutive occurrences of delimiters as one''   Usage:'   Dim res() As String'   res() = SplitWithQualifiers("""Bayazitov"",""Ernest"",""2500 Data Drive, ' 100A, Sacramento, CA 95630"",,,,10,,2,,,", ",", """", False)Public Function SplitWithQualifiers(ByVal SourceText As String, _    ByVal TextDelimiter As String, ByVal TextQualifier As String, _    Optional ByVal TreatMultipleDelimitersAsOne As Boolean) As String()    Dim strTemp() As String, strRes() As String, I As Long, J As Long, _        A As strng, B As String, blnStart As Boolean    If TreatMultipleDelimitersAsOne Then        Do While (InStr(1, SourceText, TextDelimiter & TextDelimiter) And (I < _            100))            SourceText = Replace(SourceText, TextDelimiter & TextDelimiter, _                TextDelimiter)            I = I + 1        Loop    End If    If TextDelimiter <> " " Then SourceText = Trim$(SourceText)    strTemp() = Split(SourceText, TextDelimiter)    For I = 0 To UBound(strTemp)        J = InStr(1, strTemp(I), TextQualifier, vbTextCompare)        If J Then            A = Replace(strTemp(I), TextQualifier, "")            Select Case strTemp(I)                Case TextQualifier & A & TextQualifier '  "xxx"                    B = B & A & vbCrLf                    blnStart = False                Case TextQualifier & A     '   "xxx                    B = B & A & TextDelimiter                    blnStart = True                Case A       '  xxx                    B = B & A & TextDelimiter                    blnStart = False                Case A & TextQualifier   '   xxx"                    B = B & A & vbCrLf                    blnStart = False            End Select        Else            If blnStart Then                B = B & strTemp(I) & TextDelimiter            Else                B = B & strTemp(I) & vbCrLf            End If        End If    Next I    If B <> "" Then        B = Left$(B, Len(B) - 2)        strRes() = Split(B, vbCrLf)    Else        ReDim strRes(0)        strRes(0) = SourceText    End If    SplitWithQualifiers = strRes()End Function

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