Extracting the database’s name or path from the connection string

Extracting the database’s name or path from the connection string

' Return the Database name if the input connection string points to a SQL ' Server DB, or the DB path if the connection string points to a Jet (Access) DB' ' Examples:'   Debug.WriteLine(GetDatabaseName("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data ' Source=D:MyDB.mdb;")) ' => D:MyDB.mdb;'   Debug.WriteLine(GetDatabaseName("Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=.;User ' ID=sa;Password=;Initial Catalog=MyDB")) ' => MyDB'   Debug.WriteLine(GetDatabaseName("server=(local);database=MyDB;uid=sa;pwd=;")' ) ' => MyDBFunction GetDatabaseName(ByVal connString As String) As String    Dim lcConnString = connString.ToLower()    ' if this is a Jet database, find the index of the "data source" setting    Dim startIndex As Integer    If lcConnString.IndexOf("jet.oledb") > -1 Then        startIndex = lcConnString.IndexOf("data source=")        If startIndex > -1 Then startIndex += 12    Else        ' if this is a SQL Server database, find the index of the "initial         ' catalog" or "database" setting        startIndex = lcConnString.IndexOf("initial catalog=")        If startIndex > -1 Then            startIndex += 16        Else ' if the "Initial Catalog" setting is not found,             '  try with "Database"            startIndex = lcConnString.IndexOf("database=")            If startIndex > -1 Then startIndex += 9        End If    End If    ' if the "database", "data source" or "initial catalog" values are not     ' found, return an empty string    If startIndex = -1 Then Return ""    ' find where the database name/path ends    Dim endIndex As Integer = lcConnString.IndexOf(";", startIndex)    If endIndex = -1 Then endIndex = lcConnString.Length    ' return the substring with the database name/path    Return connString.Substring(startIndex, endIndex - startIndex)End Function

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