Enhance the Appearance of Your Web DataGrid

Enhance the Appearance of Your Web DataGrid

One way to enhance a Web DataGrid’s appearance is to alternate the background color of the row. This requires only two lines of code. For example, to display an even row as yellow, and an odd row as turquoise, you’d add the following lines in the Page_Load event:

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then   DataGrid1.ItemStyle.BackColor = Color.Yellow   DataGrid1.AlternatingItemStyle.BackColor = Color.Turquoise

To assign a color programmatically, use the predefined values of Color enumeration in the System.Drawing namespace. In VS.NET, enter Color and Intellisense to display the valid color name.

In case, you want to use the Hex value for color, then use the expression:

Color.FromName ("#00ee00") where #00ee00 is the Hex value.


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