Replacing OpenTable

Replacing OpenTable

We have a Large VB application (code wise) and we are movingthe data from MS access to Sybase using the ODBC driver.Now, after we presented the project’s time tale we learnedthat OpenTable does NOT work with ODBC.I need something quick and dirty to get around this problemwithout getting to much involved with the existing code.

Actually, the OpenTable call is much like the CreateSnapshot one. Here is an example:

Dim myTable as Table (or is it TableDef)Set myTable = DB.OpenTable(“Suppliers”)Dim mySnapshot as SnapshotSet mySnapshot = DB.CreateSnapshot(“Suppliers”)
You access the data in the table like : myTable(“Field1”), right? Snapshots are done the same way. There are a few limitations of Snapshots via ODBC…for instance, you can’t use the Find methods. You have to manually search the snapshot or use bookmarks.


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