Closing a Database

I have made a program to use a database, and will makea copy of this file to a disk. The problem is that Ican’t make a copy of the file when the database file is inuse. How can I close the database file in the program?

Do a DB.Close, where DB is the name of your database object. If you have any global snapshots, dynasets, or data controls, you will not be able to close the DB, however. You will need to close each of the open recordsets before the DB.Close will be allowed.Alternately you could write all the data to a temporary database (with another name) and then when you close up the program have code to delete the original database (once it’s closed) and rename your temporary one to the original db’s name.Note to be safe here you should follow a three step process:1) Close the original database and rename it to something other than its original name or your temporary file’s name.2) If #1 is successful, rename the temp to the original db’s name.3) If #2 is successful, delete the original database.This process is good for any file you’re editing in your program (not just databases). It’s called the “safe save” method.

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