Using SelText Property

Using SelText Property

I can’t figure out how to add (runtime) a string variable into a textfield that already contains text.My thought was: Text1.Text = Text1.Text + “STRING VAR”this will obviously only insert the string at the end ofexisting text. I need the string to be inserted intothe text exactly where the cursor is when the control is clicked.


Text1.SelText = StringVar.
That will insert the text wherever the cursor is at. Very useful for inserting text programatically.Note that for common cut and paste, the Textbox control comes with the basic editing functions built in. CTRL-C copies, CTRL-V pastes, CTRL-X cuts and the DEL key deletes. In the case of the 32-bit textbox, the context-click (aka right-click) editing menu is built-in as well.


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