Opening and Reading a File

Opening and Reading a File

Can you please send me the code to open a file using the common dialog box – not just the code to open the dialog box but to actually open thetxt file into a text box.

OK…here goes. You need to have VBCONSTANT.TXT loaded into your project…do a Add File on it.

   CommonDialog.Flags = OFN_HIDEREADONLY   CommonDialog.DialogTitle = “Select Input File”   CommonDialog.Filter = “All Files(*.*)|*.*|Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt”   CommonDialog.FilterIndex = 2   CommonDialog.CancelError = True   CommonDialog.Action = DLG_FILE_OPEN
At this point, the filename to use is in the CommonDialog.Filename property. To read your text into the text box, here is the code to use:
   Dim sTemp as String   Open CommonDialog.Filename for Input as #1   sTemp = “”   Do While Not EOF(1)      sTemp = sTemp + Input$(1, 1)   Loop   Close #1   TextBox.Text = sTemp
All of the pieces of code here are documented in the help files included with VB.


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