Saving Forms as Text vs. Binary

This may seem a stupid question, but I cannot figure or find it out anywhere… I have been having trouble with the setup wizard saying that my forms have been saved in “binary format”I cannot figure it out.. Any help would be great.. Thanxs..

henever you save VB files, they are either saved as Text or Binary. You can permanently change this for a project by modifying the option in Options->Environment. However, for existing files, you need to go into File->Save As… and check the “Save as Text” box. For some reason Setup Wizard only deals with VB files in Text format…it may need to read through them for some reason.As it happens, it’s safer to save your source code in text format. If your binary-saved file somehow gets corrupted you’ve pretty much lost all that code. If your text-saved file gets corrupted you can often open it in a regular text editor, saving much of it and only having to reconstruct the actual corrupted parts.This happened to me once and I was able to retrieve most of a large code module.VB4.0 saves in text format by default.

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