Installable ISAM Errors

I am trying to write an application which will provide the ability todynamically add or update tables in an Access .MDB database. Everything inthe application runs when I do a RUN…START (F5). If my database doesn’texist, a new one is added using the CREATEDATABASE function. I am then ableto allocate and populate a new table. When I run the program from thegenerated executable file, I receive an error code of 3170 at the step whenthe database would be created. According to VB Messages, 3170 means that VBcouldn’t find an installable ISAM, indicating that a .DLL referred to in the[Installable ISAM] section of the .INI file could not be found. I looked atthe [Installable ISAM] section of the VB.INI file and found no files thatwere not located at the specified path.

Do you have any ideas on this? Why would it work correctly while running in VB and not as an executable?

You need to create a .INI file with the same name as your application, when it is running as an executable. Take the [Installable ISAM] section from the VB .INI file and copy it into the .INI file for your application. That should take care of the problem.

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