Creating 2 Dimensional Array

Creating 2 Dimensional Array

I am trying to design a telephone directory and am unable to set the 2 dimensional arrayas an unknown number. How do I do this?

The best way to do this is to set the second dimension (which can be changed dynamically) to something like 1 to start, and then as you need to, use ReDim with the Preserve option to enlarge the array as you are filling it.Unfortunately, making the second dimension grow without being able to do the same for the first leads to difficulties if all your data come in pairs.If you actually need to reference two different variables that have to stay together (e.g. a name and a phone number) you can either use two different arrays that you Redim the same each time or you can read your records (name and phone number) into a listbox, separating them by a parsable character such as a tab, a tilde (the squiggly line that’s usually over the reverse single quote) or some other character that’s not likely to be used in the data itself.


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