Limiting Size of Popup Windows

How do you limit the size of a help file definition window? When I program a pop-up window for a definition, its as big as the main Help window instead of being just large enough to contain the definition, most of which are 1 sentence long?

Make sure you are using the correct type of underline on the help topic. It sounds like you have a hyperlink instead of a definition type. The term needs to be single underlined instead of double.You’re right…it should be big enough to show the definition and not larger. You can fool it by adding additional lines to the topic between the page breaks. That will make the definition look a bit bigger.Step by step instructions to create a jump to a topic or pop-up topic

  1. Place the insertion point directly after the text or bitmap that you want to be the hotspot, and then type the topic ID of the topic you want to jump to. Do not put a space between the hotspot and the topic ID.
  2. Select the hotspot and then:
    • Apply the double-underline character style if you want another topic to be displayed.
    • Apply the single-underline character style if you want a pop-up topic, to be displayed.
  3. Select the topic ID, and then apply the hidden character style.

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