Editing Forms Directly

Editing Forms Directly

I want to present screens of text in an application. I plan to use label controls and would like to cut and paste the text from my word processor rather than retype it into the caption field of the label properties.However paste doesn’t seem to work?

What you can do is this:

  1. Save the Form as Text…not binary.
  2. Exit VB
  3. Open the Form in Notepad
  4. You can look through the Form and find the location of the label you want to put text in for. Notepad will let you paste it in from your other Word Processor.
It is advisable to save your projects in Text mode rather than binary just as a matter of course. In VB4.0 saving as text is the only option. If you have a crash, or your source file becomes corrupted for any reason, it’s much easier to recover at least the majority of it if it is saved in text format. In fact, it’s simply impossible to “rescue” any of it if it’s saved in binary. I learned this from bitter experience.

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