Masked Edit Control: Creating Input Masks

Masked Edit Control: Creating Input Masks

Hi, I would like to know how to make input masks for a database program. I can do this in Access very easily, but unfortunately, I have to write this program in VB and I can’t find out how to do this anywhere! Do I have to write ALL the code? Any help is much appreciated and I would like you to email the response. Thanks again!

VB 3.0 and 4.0 include a masked edit box (MSMASKED.VBX for v3.0, MSMASK16.OCX and MSMASK32.OCX for v4.0) that is documented in the Professional Features book (and the Enterprise edition docs in the case of VB4.0). It works pretty well for forcing input in a particular format (like a phone number, etc.).There also exists a version called MASKEDIT.OCX for use in active web pages. It’s available from the Microsoft website. I’m sure that third-party vendors also have this sort of thing available.


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