OLE installation files for VB

OLE installation files for VB

I have VB 4.0 and VFP 5.0 along with OFFICE 95 installed on a desktop win95 pentium and my 486 win95 notebook. I create a simple VB form on my desktop including a Tabstrip control. When I copy the project to my notebook and try to open it there, I get an OLE error – cannot open comctl32.dll and cannot open comdlg32.dll. Both files are present (but they have a jan or feb 96 date on them but my desktop dates are Oct 96). In fact I can CREATE the same form on my notebook and then move it to the desktop and it can open it.So, I tried to just copy these 2 files from my desktop to my notebook but then got WORSE errors regarding OLE Automation. My problem: 1) how to identify which files are involved, 2) why don’t I have the most recent ones, and 3) how to fix this problem.

It sounds like the library files have not been registered with Windows 95.Installing software is no longer a simple thing with Windows 95. Each OCXand DLL must be registered in the System Registry. Most installationprograms, like WISE and InstallShield, know how to register the files andknow what all files are required to run.

In your case, I would try running the following command:C:WINDOWSSYSTEMREGSVR32.EXE C:WINDOWSSYSTEMCOMCTL32.DLLThis should register the common controls library on your PC. Do the samecommand for the other DLL files it is complaining about. My guess is thatit will want even more files after you register these. The alternative isto download InstallShield Express and let it build an installation disk setfor you to make sure all the files that are needed get included. If you don’t have REGSVR32.EXE on your computer, e-mail [email protected] and I’ll send it to you.

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