How to get back to the first page when you follow a link from within a frame

How to get back to the first page when you follow a link from within a frame

Frames look nice, but how do you get back to the first page when you follow a link from within a frame? I’m using Netscape.

Links from within the frames may not necessarily give you an option to go back to the first page. Those are up to the designers of the sites to integrate, and they are often neglected.

In order to go back or forward in frames, click and hold down the mouse button (right-click if you are on a PC) in the desired frame. A pop-up dialog will appear giving you the option to go BACK and FORWARD. This will help you retrace your steps in that particular frame.

If you wish to visit a page previous to the one you saw with frames, you can go BACK and FORWARD in Netscape in any of three ways (these options will always be available to you, as it is not up to the website designer to implement them):

  • You can use the BACK button found on the top left of your browser’s tool bar. Clicking on this will take you back, sort of like retracing your steps.
  • You can use the menu called “GO.” When you click on this menu option you will see a chronological list of where you have been, with the most recent page on top. Once you select the page desired from the menu, the browser will bring you there.
  • Third, you can click (right-click if you are on the PC) on the page and a pop-up dialog will give you the option to go “Back,” which will take you to the previously viewed screen. You could continue to click back until you reach the desired page.

The quickest fix, however, would be to upgrade to Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or higher, which make the above options available, regardless of whether you are viewing a page with frames.

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