When to use Access vs. VB

When to use Access vs. VB

I mainly do database applications and I am currently working on a project that will become very big. I have been trying to find any references to comparisons between writing the application in Access 95 or moving it over to VB4. I want to know which platform will give me the best performance.

Visual Basic will give you a lot more control over the interface elements of your application. Access 95, on the other hand, is somewhat limited and more difficult to program, in my opinion. You will also find better support for writing Visual Basic programs. Most people are familiar with writing the application in VB4 and using Access as the backend database. Also, Access 95 can’t use third party controls, right? If it can’t, that is a major reason for moving to VB4. You can find a control to do most tasks so you don’t have to start from scratch.


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