Column lengths

Data field objects in OPO can accept any amount of data, but if I send too many characters to the server, I get an error “flushing the row to the database”. How come?

Cause that’s the way it is?

In OPO, the connection between the database and the field bound to thedatabase is only somewhat logical. The error being returned is the databasecomplaining that it has received data that is too long.

There are two basic ways to address this. The first is to check the lengthsof the values being sent to the database before committing the row orflushing to row to the database by moving to a container bound to adifferent table source, such as with the ChgCurrentRow() method. This will work fine, but the user will not find outthat there is a problem until they go and send the row to the database.

The second way to address this problem is to use the OnKey() method toaccept and count the characters as the user enters them. You could then popa message box and let the user know that the data was too long. You can find a more details on using the OnKey() method in another questions in this section about hiding characters in a password field.

Since you would want to have this functionality in a lot of data fields, youcould create a user class and use instances of it whenever you wanted tolimit the number of characters that a user can enter.

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