Output Never Gets to Printer — Why?

Output Never Gets to Printer — Why?

When I run the following program:

#include main(){fstream printer1;“prn”, ios::out);printer1 the output never makes it to the printer.  What am I doing wrong?

When it comes to external devices like printers, etc., there could be a dozenproblems that prevent it from printing.

Assuming that on your platform there is a predefined file called “prn” thatwill cause output to your printer, assuming that is true and alsoassuming that your printer is connected correctly and configured well,the only reason I can think of is that the stream implementation is buffered and requires an explicit flush to work (see example below).

Also, make sure that the program is not creating a file under the currentdirectory named “prn”; if this is so, your platform does not treat thefilename “prn” in any special way.

#include main(){	fstream printer1;“prn”, ios::out);	printer1 Hope that helps.


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