How to Make Delphi Program with TCP/IP Networking Capabilities

I am trying to make a Delphi program that has TCP/IP networking capabilities.I found some functions, etc. in the wininet.dll.

My question:

Does anybody know how to use it?The manual says nothing on this point.

You’re right. The manuals don’t really have that much to say about TCP/IPnetworking in Delphi. Your best bet would be to get a book on Delphi thatcovers this subject. To get you started, “Kick-Ass Delphi Programming” byTaylor, et al. from Coriolis Books is a pretty good resource that has an entire sectiondevoted to the Delphi Winsock unit.

Also, check out Borland’s Web site forsome updates (I believe there’s a white paper there as well).

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